MIND - Information, Knowledge, Consultancy, Experience, Way

Perception:The Mind Institute perceives the realm of work and the organizations in it as data in a changing, competitive and uncompromising modern reality.
The success of an organization is measured in values of product, output, and excellence of service and productivity.
The name of the game is – knowledge management, efficiency, and empowering and motivating workers for achievement, creativity, innovation and daring.
The goal – a winning continuity in a competitive market.
The Mind Institute believes that:
"In an organization where everybody grows, there isn’t less for anyone, there is more - and for all"
(Kaleel Jamison, Self-Development & Growth)

The Mind Institute offers its customers a rich and diverse toolbox:
For empowering capabilities and professional skills in the fields of management, leadership, planning and organizing.
Outsourcing services for interviewing and analyzing, adapting a worker to an office, to management or placement in a team.
For assessment and control of performance, building, leading and promoting projects.
Coaching – personal or business coaching for managers, workers, retirees and job seekers, personal analysis and occupational direction in the search for a job.

Training, teaching, counseling and providing applied tools for cultivating and empowering:
Behavioral and strategic managerial skills in a corporate environment.
The worker in coping with states of change, from his/her absorption in an organization to his/her retirement from it.
The interpersonal communication skills of the worker with his superiors, colleagues or subordinates, at the individual and team level.
The corporate culture of the company.
And enriching the professional skills of the worker, in order to enable him/her to increase capacities, achievement and growth.

The Business Card of MIND
1994 – Year of Founding
Location – Tel-Aviv
About the Manager of the Mind Institute:
Tova Shahar, Organizational Consultant, Psychotherapist, M/A, Group Analyst, Certified Personal Coach.
Graduate of Tel-Aviv University, has been working in the field of Corporate Consultancy and Coaching throughout the last 15 years.
Working with entities from the defense, public, private, business and academic sectors.
May be contacted by phone: 052-3-342722 or email:

Partial list of clients:
The I.D.F., the Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister's Office, the Israel Prison Services, the Courts, security services, Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station, the Dead Sea Works, the Nuclear Research Center, Clal Systems, Bank Leumi, Bank Discount, Bank Hapoalim.
Motorola, Egged, The National Education System, the National Labor & Welfare System, Clalit Health Services, Belinson Hospital, Ichilov Hospital, Barzilai Medical Center, Municipalities and education institutions, such as Tel-Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, Pilat Labor Productivity Institute, Ort Career, the Israel Management Center (IMC), Beit Berl College, the chain of Colleges for Management, The Pedagogic Center, nursing companies, old age homes, and many more.

Contact: Shahar Tova

Address: 21 Rupin

Mobile: 052-3-3342722


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?Coaching what is it

?What is a coaching

?What happens in practice
You, the coach, invite the client to an introduction meeting &explanation of the method and its principles.
First, identify the personal motive of the client to create a change in his life and then translating it into action plan .
The client's commitment is to fulfill the missions he decided to make from one meeting to the other
: The guiding principle of the training is
"One gram of action worth more than tons of words",

:The coach role
The coach role is to support and to accompany the client along all of the coaching period process
To help him identify his personal vision and the ways to fulfill it
To confront him with patterns of negative thinking & behavior and by presenting him questions to lead him to his inner voice of his true & positive answering

The Method of coaching
The metod of coaching is based on the belief that in every one of us lies an infinite knowledge to find for himself the appropriate creative solutions.
The key for the client's success is his ability to demonstrate a constant commitment and responsibility towards the commitment of his coaching missions.
The coach's role is also to confront the client with his needy change without compromise.
The coach does not have any extra advantage of knowledge more than his client.
Neither he has any definite solution for his client .He is not considered to patronize his client's life or to decide for him what to do and how to think.
The Coach is the client's extended glasses through which he might see his reflection & achieve insight & inspiring replies to his needs and solutions for accomlishing his coaching objectives.
Sometimes the coach can offer the client "tool-box" of complementary life skills such as: time- management, assertiveness ,positive thinking ,relaxation, guided imagination or other.
The coach purpose is to aid his client to establish better qualities of life perception & habits

? What life –spheres can be contributed by a coach

Career Leadership skills- strengthen your position as a leader brings about upgrading your management achievements of profits and production.

Interpersonal communication-improving your life skills on the communication level enables you a better functioning as an executive, a worker ,a team-worker ,services supplier and others roles in your life.

Personal growth-reframing your vision of self- fulfillment &establishing a clear plan for attaining your wills.

?Where is the coaching taking place

Since the coach consider to be equal to the client the location for meetings is a free choice. It can be occur in any place that is comfortable to each part of the coaching-the coach's office, the coach's or client's home or outside in the café or a restaurant as well as at phone or by the internet. The main principle is to preserve the coaching code of ethics and to behave in mutual respect.


The number of coaching meetings is determined according to the client needs. It may be a short term period of one meeting or it can be longer than it. Usually it is about ten-twelve weekly meetings and then there is an evaluation about the process &its results

The main coaching principle is demonstrated by the book of jonathan living stone seagull story.

Each of us should learn from the" seagull -the great" how to get rid of the limited chain of narrow minded fearful thoughts & habits and transforming them to our real free wills.
Like the seagull to be brave enough to follow our life vision and wishes till its complete fulfillment by learning to navigate our life horizon to a higher flight and higher result than the usual one
:The article was wrriten by
A Coach &development organisation counselor
the head manager &founder of

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